Ep. 43: Dr. David Erb 5 Healing Solutions for Sovereignty & Hope with Guest Co-Host Kim Witczak

Elizabeth and Guest Cohost Kim Witczak have a lively conversation with Dr. David Erb about his pathway to discovering how powerful our bodies truly are to heal and transform many conditions, patterns and diseases.

Dr. Erb shares how 5 essential solutions can be a guide for anyone’s healing journey and pathway into Sovereignty and wellbeing.

David shares, “”My path to freedom has been along the path of my own health issues. Having a life threatening heart issue in my young 20’s, not getting surgery and drugs, and then having it reversed through learning the truth about how our bodies heal and regenerate through the nervous system changed my life and sent me on a life long mission to shine that same light of truth to and for others. So many people are trapped in a system that not only creates fear and dependency like an abusive relationship, but at the same time destroys people’s health, creates disease, maims, and kills. Then, the same system blames the destruction of life and health on age, genetics or bad luck. 27 years later 100’s of thousands have been made free through our experiences, two of our own offices in the North Dallas area, one of the largest natural health clinics in the world that was opened in Harare Zimbabwe, and almost 300 office now in 39 states here in the US.””

Join us as we explore health and sovereignty and why hope matters.

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