The Matt McNeil Show – September 7, 2022

Hour 1: Matt has a funny story about a young families questionable judgement with their child. Documents recovered from Mar-A-Lago included information about nuclear capabilities of foreign nations. Then Matt is joined by national political expert Jeff Stein. Matt and Jeff get into a spirited debate about nuclear documents at Mar-A-Lago, leaks during the investigation, whether Trump could have classified documents at his other homes outside of Florida and more.

Hour 2: We’re joined by former Republican Party analyst Michael Brodkorb, who was recently attacked on social media by Matt Birk. They talk about why the Jensen/Birk campaign has been struggling and how the MN GOP should be focusing on other statewide races besides governor. Then Matt explains why the Jensen/Birk ticket could bring down the other MN GOP candidates with them if they lose. And KSTP releases polling data on statewide races, and it’s good news for the DFL.