The Matt McNeil Show – September 28, 2022

Hour 1: Matt will get a colonoscopy on Monday and talks about the importance of making sure you get regularly tested. New videos show Jan. 6 Trump supporters using Trump flags and banners to attack capitol police officers. Then we’re joined by national political expert Jeff Stein for our usual Wednesday visit. Matt and Jeff talk about Hurricane Ian, how the cleanup might go with federal vs. state power, the latest on Trump’s legal troubles with classified documents and more.

Hour 2: We start with our Democrat of the Day, Ethan Cha, who is running for state house seat 47B, which includes Woodbury and other areas in the southeast metro. Highlighting a number of issues with Ramsey County District Court Judge John Guthmann, who presided over the Feeding Our Future case. Thoughts on the latest fundraising candidates for all of the major statewide candidates (things didn’t go well for Republicans). The Minnesota Reformer and journalist Tony Webster filed a motion in federal court seeking to unseal court documents related to a search warrant served on  Mike Lindell.