The Matt McNeil Show – September 27, 2022

Hour 1: Matt shares some fun information about hist trip to Colorado and national parks in the area. Why Colorado’s marijuana legalization has been a massive financial success without the “consequences” they warned about. Problems continue mounting for Putin including thousands of Russians fleeing by the day to avoid military conscription. The University of Idaho warns its employees not to provide reproductive health counseling, including abortion, to their students. Pennsylvania woman accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop on Jan. 6, 2021 is allowed to visit Renaissance Fair again

Hour 2: A gas station fail video. Why it’s Republicans that are actually soft on crime, not Democrats. Brett Johnson is joined editor-in-chief of the Minnesota Reformer. They talk about new stats showing MN has a major alcohol consumption problem, how MN has fallen behind other states with ballot access and the political fallout from the Feeding Our Future scandal. Then a look at how the official MN Republican Party platform from May on abortion differs wildly from what Republicans are saying now.