The Matt McNeil Show – September 21, 2022

Hour 1: The Minnesota Reformer reports some Minneapolis residents aren’t happy that off-duty Minneapolis police officers are guarding construction sites for a company owned by Tim Michels, a Trump-style Republican who’s running for governor of Wisconsin. Republicans getting extra cozy with police. Busting cell phone thefts. Next Matt is joined by national political expert Jeff Stein. Matt and Jeff talk about Trump’s mounting legal troubles, including a the NY AG suing Trump, problems for Vladimir Putin and more.

Hour 2: Bring Me the News reports a Worthington man barred from possessing firearms or ammunition faces half-a-dozen new felony charges after police allegedly found the 21-year-old in possession of an AR-style rifle, two pistols and over 15,000 rounds of ammunition. Trouble at an Edina football game with a fight in the stands during their homecoming game. MN Republicans running for statewide offices seem unsure what exactly it is that they’re running for. Republicans continue scare tactics about crime in the metro. Matt is joined by Philip Bither · Senior Curator, Performing Arts at the Walker Art Center. They preview some of the fall shows they have coming up at the Walker. Congress votes on a bill that could help prevent another Jan. 6.