The Matt McNeil Show – September 16, 2022

Hour 1: Did Ron DeSantis commit human trafficking when he deceived and trafficked Christian migrants to Martha’s Vineyard? Then we’re joined by Dr. Joe Eastman who tells us about some new COVID variants on the horizon, vaccination policies and how COVID is still not gone yet. Are Democrats committing an error by not forcing a vote to codify gay marriage into law?

Hour 2: Our Democrat of the Day is Anita Gaul from Marshall, who is running for state Senate in district 15 in western Minnesota. Debunking the myth that “nobody” wants to move to the metro area. The Minnesota Reformer reports a band of Minnesota physicians criticized Scott Jensen, condemning a fellow doctor for his advocacy of unscientific COVID-19 treatments and for expressing desire to ban abortion in the state. And dancing to Earth Wind and Fire’s September!