The Matt McNeil Show – October 5, 2022

Hour 1: How evil dictators are able to consolidate support from other politicians who attach themselves to the dictator when their own political fortunes are threatened. A lawsuit has been filed against Biden’s student loan forgiveness program on what seems to be flimsy lines. Next we’re joined by national political expert Jeff Stein. Matt and Jeff talk about the politicization of the Supreme Court, whether Trump’s legal problems could impact 2022 elections, Hurricane Ian aftermath and more.

Hour 2: Our Democrat of the Day is Ned Carroll, who is running for state house seat 42A, which includes the Plymouth area in the west metro. It’s the 60’s anniversary of the first James Bond movie. The legalize marijuana candidate in the 2nd Congressional District, Paula Overby, has passed away (the 2nd straight election this has happened in that district). GOP candidate in the third Congressional district, Tom Weiler, has a hilarious miscue as he includes a Russian warship in a mailer. New polling in the MN Governor race puts Tim Walz far ahead of Scott Jensen. CD2 GOP candidate Tyler Kistner makes misleading statements about his militarily service.