The Matt McNeil Show – October 25, 2021

Hour 1 segment 1: Todd Mikkelson fills in for Matt today. He starts by talking about how the DFL is potentially missing a winning issue for them in expanding rural broadband.

Hour 1 segment 2: The 19th anniversary of death of Senator Paul Wellstone, one of the great progressive icons in Minnesota and US history. An update on where Congress stands on passing bills for voting rights and infrastructure.

Hour 1 segment 3: Running down the tax increases on billionaires in the infrastructure bill. Plus your calls on breaking the 50/50 senate split, speeches by JFK and Wellstone and more.

Hour 1 segment 4: Missouri Republicans could be in trouble as they try to hold a US senate seat if the disgraced Eric Greitens becomes their nominee.

Hour 2 segment 1: A personal story from Todd about rural broadband and the 1936 Rural Electrification Act.

Hour 2 segment 2: Making transportation a service. How were getting closer to the point when electric cars will be cheaper than gas powered cars.

Hour 2 segment 3: How news has become profit driven which leads to the sensationalism of the news. How the arrest of many low level Jan. 6 insurrectionists may have led to the higher ups now wanting to testify before the House Jan. 6 committee.

Hour 2 segment 4: How COVID has possibly woken up corporations to actually pay their employees living wages.