The Matt McNeil Show – October 12, 2022

Hour 1: Rural Republicans continue to falsely argue that metro area crime is a massive problem. But do the numbers really back up what they say? A jury awards nearly $1 billion to Sandy Hook families from Alex Jones. Then it’s our national political expert Jeff Stein. This week Matt and Jeff talk about Alex Jones being ordered to pay $1 billion to Sandy Hook families, how abortion might impact voter turnout, is the red wave fizzling and more.

Hour 2: Our Democrat of the Day is Esther Agbaje from house district 59B, which includes downtown Minneapolis and surrounding areas. A FOX News host claims inflation is out od control since he ordered $28(!!!) worth of food from Taco Bell. What are Kim Crockett’s ties to the Charlemagne Institute in Bloomington and it’s right wing extremist views?