The Matt McNeil Show – November 30, 2022

Hour 1: AM950 calendars are back! And this year we’ve also added a National Parks poster. Go to our Membership page to find out how you can get them ( Congress passes a same sex marriage protection bill. Then it’s our national political expert Jeff Stein. Matt and Jeff look at some stunning stats from this year’s midterms, Republicans trying to frame the elections as a “win,” some (but probably not a majority) of Republicans criticize Trump for dining with far right personality Nick Fuentes and more.

Hour 2: Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) faces some major tax problems and lawsuits that could bankrupt him. How Minnesota Republicans are rapidly losing ground in the suburbs. Why Democrats should be on the side of rail workers who might strike as they are asking for paid sick time. How DFLers should handle Republicans inevitably calling them “extremists” once they start passing bills at the legislature. Trump admits on his social media platform that he stole classified documents.