The Matt McNeil Show – November 30, 2017

Matt took his kids out for Christmas light viewing last night and was surprised to see more than a manger scene. Houses had full lights with Dragons and Narwhals!

Tom McBroom has a major problem Diamond Reynolds, who watched in horror when her boyfriend Philando Castile was fatally shot in front of her by a police officer in 2016, received an $800,000 settlement this week from two Minnesota cities for the trauma she endured. Tom McBroom predicted the money would be spent within six months on crack cocaine then puts his foot in mouth trying to backtrack. (8:40)

‘Go back to Mexico’: Video captures racist Menards shopper in West St. Paul.

A racist is confronted by shoppers in Menards, Matt applauds the shoppers and encourages listeners to do the same. (23:00)

Garrison Keillor recent sexual misconduct accusations and MPR’s decision to drop all of his programming. How does this connect to the recent charges of other prominent figures such Al Franken. (30:00) Matt looks at the other accusations and what evidence is present and which isn’t but stops short of defending Franken. Are Republicans using the recent news to normalize Roy Moore? Do Democrats and Republicans react different when facing sexual misconduct charges?

Matt wraps up the show by encouraging all listeners to challenge the hypocrites who try and look at the news with partisan glasses.