The Matt McNeil Show – November 16, 2022

Hour 1: How much will the average Thanksgiving meal cost this year? New Thanksgiving foods. Why Republicans failed to defeat Keith Ellison in the AG race. Then we’re joined by Cliff Schecter. Matt and Cliff talk about how so many states and Congressional districts went blue (or at least purple) during the supposed red wave, an orange haired Florida man announcing another presidential run and more.

Hour 2: Dumb criminals. FOX 9 reports the U.S. Department of Labor alleges an investigation uncovered a cleaning company hired more than 30 children to work in Minnesota and Nebraska slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities under hazardous conditions. Fans have trouble purchasing tickets to Taylor Swift’s upcoming Minneapolis concert due to high demand. How much was Ticket Master to blame? Next we’re joined by State Auditor Julie Blaha as she discusses how she was able to win reelection in what was supposed to be a big Republican year, what she’d like to do in her second term and more.