The Matt McNeil Show – November 15, 2022

Hour 1: An ugly hate crime story from West Virginia highlights how we still have two separate criminal justice systems in the US. How Kari Lake making fun of Paul Pelosi likely cost her the Arizona Governor election. Why bullying is the most important attribute Republican voters look for when selecting candidates. A Russian missile hits Polish territory and kills two people. Thoughts on the word’s population hitting 8 billion people.

Hour 2: A chain shooting range/entertainment center called 88 Tactical runs into controversy because their name features Nazi imagery. Brett Johnson is joined by Patrick Coolican, editor-in-chief of the Minnesota Reformer. They talk about Patrick’s column about how the Minnesota GOP need to quit treating the state like Mississippi and how the Minneapolis Police Department could see a wave of resignations at the end of the year. Doug Wardlow has some “advice” for helping Minnesota Republicans win future elections. FOX9 reports at least 155 Minneapolis police officers have received worker’s compensation settlements totaling nearly $26 million.