The Matt McNeil Show – May 3, 2021

Hour 1 segment 1: Matt is unexpectedly back today from what was supposed to be a scheduled hip surgery last week and he’ll explain why (hint: bureaucracy in our private healthcare system).

Hour 1 segment 2: Matt continues talking about the circumstances around his delayed hip surgery and the issues of having a profit based healthcare system.

Hour 1 segment 3: Did you go to Albert Lea this weekend? No? Well apparently nobody else did either for Kim Potter’s (owner of a restaurant that defied COVID closure orders) rally. That’s more proof that Kim Potter and other far right wingers are fringe, not mainstream.

Hour 1 segment 4: We have some new GOP candidate for Governor in 2022.

Hour 2 segment 1: A dangerous kayaking incident on Leech Lake in Cass County. A North Dakota State student athlete had his scholarship revoked after posting Tik Tok videos “joking” about campus sexual assault, pedophilia, drug use and other topics.

Hour 2 segment 2: How private company’s address political speech on social media, including a company called Basecamp, which lost a third of it’s workforce because of a new policy prohibiting political discussions at work.

Hour 2 segments 3/4: The MN COVID-19 update, including a NY Times report talking about how we might not ever reach herd immunity for COVID-19. And how Republicans are doing their best to restrict voting to only their base (and possibly only land owners).