The Matt McNeil Show – March 3, 2021

Hour 1 segments 1/2: Warm weather returns! Minnesota Republicans still refuse to give Minneapolis $35 million for security costs with the Derek Chauvin trial. That despite rural Republican areas taking in more tax money than they pay. Matt has an idea to play hardball with Republicans on the issue.

Hour 1 segments 3/4: Jeff Stein joins Matt to talk about March 4th being the next date right wing conspiracy theorists might try another capitol attack like event. Also predictions on how the Congressional votes will breakdown on the stimulus bill and the idiotic actions by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on eliminating all COVID restrictions.

Hour 2 segment 1: A garage sale bowl bought for pennies turns out to be a 15th century Chinese bowl worth several hundred thousand dollars. Plus the MN COVID-19 update.

Hour 2 segment 2: A Minnetonka parent gets up in arms over a morning announcement at her child’s school celebrating the life of a black trans activist.

Hour 2 segments 3/4: Matt responds to a Star Tribune editorial talking about gun violence in Minnesota.