The Matt McNeil Show – March 23, 2022

Hour 1 segment 1: Matt explains his absence from yesterday’s show. Listen to find out why (it was a fun reason you’ll want to hear more about!).

Hour 1 segment 2: Fun stories about crazy rider requests from bands and celebrities. And the Minneapolis Crows professional soccer team is playing in a US Open Cup game tonight vs. a Des Moines team.

Hour 1 segment 3/4: Matt is joined by our national political expert Jeff Stein. They talk about Republican treatment of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson at this week’s confirmation hearings, Utah Republican Governor Spencer Cox vetoing a transgender youth sports ban bill and more.

Hour 2 segment 1: Our Democrat of the Day is Rep. Rob Ecklund from district 3A, which includes a large area of northeastern Minnesota and the arrowhead region. Matt and Rep. Ecklund primarily talk about chronic wasting disease being detected in a wild deer in Grand Rapids and what that could mean for wildlife and outdoor recreation in the area.

Hour 2 segment 2: More thoughts on how Republicans in the state Senate are doing nothing about chronic wasting disease and the threat it poses.

Hour 2 segment 3: The MN COVID-19 update. A CD7 U.S. House candidate (Mark Lindquist) suspends his campaign to go fight for Ukraine and help the region’s refugees.

Hour 2 segment 4: A teacher Byron, MN has been asked by high school administrators to remove a Ukrainian flag from her classroom because the district says it is concerned that allowing teachers to hang the Ukrainian flag now could be a problem in the future.