The Matt McNeil Show – March 1, 2023

A jam packed show today featuring both Jeff Stein in hour 1 and Cliff Schecter in hour 2. Also on today’s show:

– #MNLeg Republicans whine over ethnic studies and personal finance courses possibly being required at public schools.

– Disciplinary problems at St. Paul Harding High School

– Jeff Stein with Matt on whether DeSantis could win a national general election, FOX News facing a plethora of legal problems, who could be the “fall guy” at FOX and more.

– Cliff Schecter with Matt on how the latest FOX News debacles show that Republicans will do anything to win and Ron DeSantis’s slogan of “Make America Florida.”

– FOX News and Minneapolis Police try to prevent a videographer from recording Laura Ingraham’s show segment interactions with Minneapolis police on public property.