The Matt McNeil Show – June 9, 2021

Hour 1 segment 1: We start today playing a round of “will this stick to Matt’s head,” in honor of Ohio doctor Sherri Tenpenny falsely claiming COVID-19 shots ‘magnetize’ people. This is the sad state of today’s Republican party.

Hour 1 segment 2: Matt had an interaction earlier this week with a conservative who called him a “cafeteria Catholic.” Also Republican state Senator Torrey Westrom wants to eliminate a program where people can use their SNAP benefits at local farmers markets.

Hour 1 segments 3/4: Jeff Stein joins Matt to talk national politics, including how the $300 extra unemployment actually works in the economy, the minimum wage overall, and how Republicans will need to deal with the extremist elements in their party.

Hour 2 segments 1/2: Jack Rice joins Matt and talks about a number of legal stories, including former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor appealing his 3rd degree murder charge to the state supreme court, the killing of Winston Smith in uptown and the spotlight on the US Marshals who shot him that weren’t wearing body cameras, and the owner of the Interchange bar which opened illegally during the pandemic filing a bogus counter lawsuit against the state.

Hour 2 segment 3: The MN COVID-19 update.

Hour 2 segment 4: Matt explains why he won’t have Nextdoor replace his old Onions and Orchids segment.