The Matt McNeil Show – June 10, 2022

Hour 1 segment 1: Initial reactions to the January 6 hearings.

Hour 1 segment 2: Besides the attempted coup of January 6, Republicans are also for a lot of other things that generally hurt people.

Hour 1 segment 3: Brett Johnson speaks with Media Matters’ Deputy Director of Rapid Response Andrew Lawrence. They discuss how FOX News and other right wing networks covered the January 6 hearings.

Hour 1 segment 4: Thoughts to wrap up hour 1.

Hour 2 segment 1: Matt is joined by musician and singer-songwriter Alan Sparhawk. He is best known as the guitarist and vocalist for bands Low and Retribution Gospel Choir.

Hour 2 segment 2: A preview of Rock the Garden this weekend!

Hour 2 segment 3: The MN COVID-19 update. And the Star Tribune reports Lake Minnetonka wakesurfing stirs up debate over calls for a ban.