The Matt McNeil Show – July 26, 2022

Hour 1 segment 1: A look back at how TV/streaming entertainment choices have changed over the years. And Matt has an idea to help you get an overview of classic TV series without watching every single episode.

Hour 1 segment 2: Nurses at the Mayo Clinic’s Mankato hospital vote to decertify their union thanks to help from Glen Taylor’s granddaughter.

Hour 1 segment 3: Continuing with the nurses at the Mayo Clinic’s Mankato hospital, what will the union decertification mean? And Tyson Foods asks the Supreme Court to shield it from COVID-19 lawsuits.

Hour 1 segment 4: Our update on Republican strategy for the fall!

Hour 2 segment 1: Are stories about how dangerous Minneapolis is exaggerated?

Hour 2 segment 2: Brett Johnson is joined by Patrick Coolican of the Minnesota Reformer. They talk about the latest fundraising numbers for the DFL and GOP, how to campaign against Matt Birk’s gaffes and Mankato Mayo Clinic nurses decertifying their union.

Hour 2 segments 3/4: Jameson’s Irish Bar will be adding the Matt Birk Burger to their menus on Aug. 7. A look at campaign finance numbers for all of the major candidates in Minnesota.