The Matt McNeil Show – January 27, 2021

Matt talks about his visit to the Como Zoo and the safety precautions they’ve put in placer to make for a good experience. 45 Republican Senators vote not to hold Trump accountable. The Wall Street Journal releases a video showing the Proud Boys appearing to coordinate the capitol attacks. Over 100 capitol police officers were injured during the attack…where’s the right wing blue lives matter crowd? Jeff Stein joins to talk about the WSJ video, whether impeachment is a good idea and more. The Alaska DMV is investigating after vanity plates with Nazi terminology were spotted…and a GOP politician is defending the plates. Lynette from Chaska calls in asks at what point Republican parents tell their kids it’s okay to be a selfish jerk. A Mankato bar is charged with opening during a pandemic and serving drinks to underage customers. MN GOP Senators are bringing back a zombie bill that voters already rejected requiring ID’s to vote. Secretary of State Steve Simon has an epic take down of Mary Kiffemeyer who is one of the Senators proposing the bill. The city of Minneapolis reaches a settlement regarding police brutality in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder.