The Matt McNeil Show – January 14th 2021

The Trumps appear to be stealing items from the White House. Jared and Ivanka ban secret service agents from using any bathrooms at their home. MN Congressional Republicans are still completely delusional about Biden’s election win and last week’s right wing attack on the capitol. DFL state senate minority leader Susan Kent (district 53) joins to talk about the latest at the #MNLeg. MN COVID-19 update. Twin Cities meteorologist Sven Sundgaard joins us to talk about today’s snow storm. Kevin Featherly, capitol reporter for Minnesota Lawyer talks with Brett about storm the capitol events in MN and changes ti our court system with COVID. Traitor roundup update, as this time a father/son duo at last week’s capitol attack among others were arrested. And right wingers are making plans for more insurrection at the capitol.