The Matt McNeil Show – February 1st, 2021

Matt talks about a dilemma he and his family faced over the weekend from a panhandler who rejected Matt’s offer of food.

The DFL makes a push for cannabis legalization. The GOP only opposed it because of they benefit by recruiting fake legalize cannabis party candidates to steal votes from DFL candidates.

A New York Times piece details the extraordinary lengths Trump (and a lot of Republicans) wanted to go to for stealing the election despite having no evidence of any election fraud. And how Trump’s lies about the election riled up extremists to storm the capitol.

Don’t drink and go on a snow mobile. And a shooting (for the second time!) takes place at a “party house” in Dinkytown.

The MN COVID-19 update. And more MN seniors will get access to COVID-19 vaccinations this week.

A constitutional amendment is being proposed in MN to deal with our education achievement gap. Will it help or will it just purge public school budgets?