The Matt McNeil Show – December 9, 2021

Hour 1 segment 1: What to watch on TV tonight besides the dreadful Vikings. The MN COVID-19 update including how the metro now only has one available ICU bed.

Hour 1 segment 2: The Waseca, MN women’s prison has biggest COVID-19 outbreak in country. And why Republican leaders that promote vaccine skepticism need to be held accountable.

Hour 1 segment 3: The Albert Lea bar owner, Lisa Hanson of The Interchange, goes on trial for resisting state COVID mandates. And bonus: she’s representing herself at the trial. Unhinged MN GOP State Rep. Steve Green calls Minnesota DFLers communists who hate America.

Hour 1 segment 4: A GOP governor debate in Wayzata goes off the rails with anti-vaccine rhetoric.

Hour 2 segment 1: The original Broadway Pizza in Minneapolis is closing. A new poll shows Governor Tim Walz has a double digit lead over every GOP candidate for governor. And an update from the Kim Potter trial.

Hour 2 segment 2: NBC News reports that Donald Trump has lost his appeal to block the House Jan. 6 Capitol riot probe from getting White House records.

Hour 2 segment 3: Matt is joined by meteorologist Sven Sundgaard. They talk about certain worms being invasive species, the cold snap we saw earlier this week, the possibility of a 60 degree day next week and of course this weekend’s big snowstorm that’s on the way.

Hour 2 segment 4: More on the shocking news from Sven talking about a possible 60 degree day next week in mid-December.