The Matt McNeil Show – December 1, 2022

Hour 1: We start the show with Rick Smith from the Rick Smith Show (weeknights 8-10 PM) reporting live from Georgia. Matt and Rick talk about the Georgia Senate runoff and also how Republicans and legacy media are misleading what rail unions are asking for in their dispute with rail companies. The absurdity of Republicans voting against giving rail workers even just seven sick days. Why unions need to quit trying to cozy up to Republicans in hopes they’ll give you something (hint: they won’t). Plus your calls on the possible rail strike, MN nurses strike and more.

Hour 2: We’re joined by Anita Gaul. who ran for Senate District 15 in western Minnesota this past fall. She reflects on the difficulty Democrats face when campaigning in rural Minnesota. Tucker Carlson and former NHLer Theo Fleury complain that the league is too “woke.” News on the Minnesota Nurses strike and why they deserve the higher pay and better working conditions. And updates on meatpacking plants hiring underage workers to clean slaughter houses.