The Matt McNeil Show – August 9, 2023

On today’s show:

– Matt was joined by columnist, political analyst, author and podcast host Cliff Schecter.

– Thoughts on the failure of Ohio Issue 1, would have made it more difficult to amend the state Constitution and codify abortion rights.

– Do Republican actually know what they’re doing when talking extreme positions?

– Prager “University” will provide false (and bizarre) kids videos to be shown in Florida schools.

– Bring Me the News reports a man who escaped the custody of Dakota County deputies in Georgia last week has been apprehended.

– Anton Lazzaro gets 21 years for child sex trafficking.

– What policies should schools have for students using phones?

– We’re joined by Jolene Jones of the Native American Community Development Institute as we talk about their MVAT effort (Make a Voting a Tradition).

– More on Trump’s fake electors plot from 2020/21.