The Matt McNeil Show – August 30, 2022

Hour 1: South Korean street foods are delicious! Campaign signs for Ron Johnson were vandalized. Right wing arguments trying to defend Scott Jensen for comparing COVID restrictions to the rise of Nazism. Reaction to the AP’s article on Gen Z and millennials speaking out on their reluctance to become parents. And a roundup of some ugly news regarding climate change.

Hour 2: Don’t be careless with your $700+ cell phone! Could Republican state Sen. Torrey Westrom be kicked off the ballot due to problems with residency? Brett Johnson speaks with Max Nesterak, deputy editor of the Minnesota Reformer. They talk about his recent articles about how a low income housing unit in Bemidji has been neglected by management and a strike at a Minneapolis Starbucks. Scott Jensen continues to claim Tim Walz “failed” with Minnesota’s response to the pandemic. But do the facts back up Jensen’s claim?