The Matt McNeil Show – August 26, 2021

Hour 1 segment 1: We finally got rain! How outgoing Republican presidents typically leave  policy traps for their Democratic successors. Can Republicans really play the blame game after Trump abandoned our Kurdish allies? The MN COVID-19 update. An update of the fires in northern Minnesota.

Hour 1 segment 2: MN state senators led by Mary Kiffemeyer are angry about dress codes in the senate. This despite Republicans saying vaccines and masks are “personal choices.”

Hour 1 segments 3/4: Matt is joined by Jack Rice to talk about today’s suicide bombing attack in Afghanistan. They discuss the intelligence community, inner power struggles within Afghanistan, whether we can get all of the Americans (and allies) out of Afghanistan, America’s history of nation building and more.

Hour 2 segment 1: Conservatives are already using military deaths to justify their political points against Biden and Afghanistan. Where was this same conservative outrage about 1/6? The Star Tribune reports a southern Minnesota man has pleaded guilty to a federal weapons violation after being accused of bragging about his illegal shotgun and plans to kill a law enforcement officer at a rally in support of former President Donald Trump at the Minnesota Capitol in January.

Hour 2 segment 2: The mentality of gun nuts, who want to force guns on everyone. A court denies a request to allow guns at the MN state fair. And revisiting the failure of conceal and carry.

Hour 2 segments 3/4: Matt is joined by meteorologist Sven Sundgaard of Bring Me the News. They discuss today’s quick moving heavy rain storm, how the heavy rain actually led to some wildfire smoke in the Twin Cities, more storms on the way Friday and Saturday, drought conditions throughout Minnesota, and the warmest summer ever on record in Minnesota and more.