The Matt McNeil Show – August 24, 2022

Hour 1: A look at some of the heroic acts from Minnesota and Wisconsin infantries during the Civil War. Scott Jensen triples down on comparing COVID restrictions to Nazism. President Joe Biden cancels $10,000 of student loan debt. Next it’s our usual Wednesday visit with national political expert Jeff Stein. Matt and Jeff talk about student loan debt cancellation, why costs have gone up so much for college over the years, Republicans continuing to make Nazi comparisons to make points and more.

Hour 2: More controversial tweets from far right Minnesota Republicans, including yet more Nazi comparisons. After the shooting at the Eden Prairie Scheels Monday, should malls have stores that sell guns? Becker Schools rescinds their gag order they wanted to place on teachers due to free speech concerns. And the Biden administration has been sued by Twin Metals to regain mine leases in northern Minnesota. A reminder that Twin Metals is NOT a local company!