The Matt McNeil Show – August 16, 2021

Hour 1:

– Jack Rice fills in for Matt today and walks us through the history of the British Empire and Soviet Union occupying and then attempting to leave Afghanistan, with similar results of what we’re seeing now with the US trying to withdraw from Afghanistan.

– How the British and Soviet approaches differed in their occupation but still were largely unsuccessful.

– How were those collapses possible despite the British and Soviets having the “strongest militaries in the world.”

– The history of the Taliban and how they came to power thanks largely to Pakistani ISI, who like the British and Soviets, failed to control Afghanistan.

– Why Afghanistan has always been a difficult nation to occupy, even for the most advanced militaries in the world throughout history.

Hour 2:

Jack is joined by Minneapolis attorney Jerry Blackwell, who was Minnesota attorney of the year in 2020. He was one of the prosecuting attorneys during the Derek Chauvin trial. We’ll talk about his experience on that case. But mainly we discuss Blackwell’s efforts to successfully posthumously pardon an African American man, Max Mason, who over 100 years ago in Duluth was convicted without evidence of rape that led to lynchings in the city.