The Matt McNeil Show – August 10, 2021

Todd Mikkelson guest hosts today. DFL Chair Ken Martin joins Todd for a conversation about new bipartisan legislation being passed at all levels; Todd discusses the much needed improvements that will result to our infrastructure; leaked polling showing Democratic House members are already falling behind in polling, and strategizing to overturn this; why it makes sense to abolish the Electoral College; Dominion Voting Systems sues right-wing media; $15 an hour spreads as employers have difficulty hiring; a look at the follow up $3.5T bill slowly worming its way through Congress; Andrew Cuomo resigns; Todd can’t fathom some of the strange things he’s reading in I Alone Can Fix It; Minnesota’s outreach to help new farmers; U of M will require vaccinations; an increasing number of entities requiring vaccinations or will require them soon; how Senate Republicans acquitting Trump is similar to Gerald Ford’s pardon of Nixon.