The Matt McNeil Show – April 4, 2022

Hour 1 segment 1: Weekend recap including the NCAA women’s final four in Minneapolis. Then we’re joined by Dr. Joe Eastman who tells us about a new Omicron sub-variant found in South Africa that is already causing problems,

Hour 1 segment 2: Thanks to right wing lunatics, the medical industry spent (wasted) millions of dollars on research showing that Ivermectin did nothing to help with COVID. That’s money that could have gone to things like cancer research.

Hour 1 segment 3: Angie Craig leads an effort in the US house on a bill that would help insulin become more affordable.

Hour 2 segment 1: Matt talks about some of the movies that featured best actor nominees, including Will Smith in King Richard.

Hour 2 segments 2/3: The daylight savings time debate! Matt did some extensive research on daylight savings time. He shares some surprising and interesting conclusions that he reached.

Hour 2 segment 4: Longtime Washington County Attorney Pete Orput dies at 66 after a battle with stomach cancer. And a look at food vendor revenue data from state fair vendors in 2021.