The Matt McNeil Show – April 12, 2021

Hour 1: As you may have guessed, we have a ton of news to cover today. We with the police shooting of Daunte Wright and details of what happened in Brooklyn Center. Why was Wright pulled over in the first place and how does an officer mix up a their taser and their gun? A Republican state Senator from one of the whitest districts in Minnesota apparently thinks he’s an expert on race relations. Plus lots more on the situation in Brooklyn Center including your phone calls.

Hour 2: More of your calls on the police shooting of Daunte Wright, including more examples of being pulled over for driving while black, and a caller pointing out that we can’t take the police department’s word that the shooting was a mistake. Also a recap of what happened today in the Derek Chauvin trial. Also the MN COVID-19 update where Minnesota is now the 3rd worst state in the country for new COVID infections. And more on the police shooting of Daunte Wright.