She Kindness for the Week of 5/12/23

Welcome to our SHE Kindness Campaign! This is the focus of our new Alliance for Sustainability, what we will be integrating into all of our work moving forward. You can read more about our full vision for SHE Kindness in our Greenprint.

Our SHE Kindness Campaign will embed our co-created, comprehensive and integrative understanding of sustainability as a core operating principle in our way of thinking and culture. We will collaborate on efforts to support  personal transformation, policy shifts and fundamental systems change.

We will accomplish this through a combination of inspiring and impactful videos, social media, publications, speaking, trainings, campaigns and policy efforts. We will educate, engage and inspire one million people and groups to action on everything from lifestyle and consumption to campaigns and policy changes. In addition, we will expand our partnerships with leading nonprofits and aligned businesses to develop strategic, impactful campaigns and policies targeted at key tipping points for sustainability, health, equity and kindness.

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