S1.E2 It’s raining, it’s pouring…and now my ceiling is wet

Moisture…mold, mildew. Stop fearing the M-words and be empowered on how to deal. Kim Nybo with State Farm gives advice on when to call an insurance agent and what questions to ask. Kim has seen a lot of home issues and provides valuable insight when it comes to replacing your roof. Don’t be taken advantage of when it comes to your home. Josh Swisher with Northface Construction gives tips on roof maintenance and how to stop the moisture before it causes damage. Learn questions to ask the “doorknockers” after a storm and what signs to look for on your roof. Josh’s experience and advice is so practical and you don’t even have to go up on your roof to figure it out! Don’t miss Kim and Josh and their favorite Cringe Moments when it comes to home owning.