Rebroadcast: Living Healthy and Aging Well – February 5, 2022

This episode was originally aired June 26, 2021.

Melissa Spiess, a board-certified music therapist, joins Ken Haglind on radio show “Living Healthy and Aging Well” to share information about Living Spirit Therapy Services, LLC which was founded in 2008 to increase access to high quality music therapy services in the Twin Cities Metro Area. Living Spirit Therapy Services believes in the inherent potential of every individual regardless of disability and/or challenges; and the power of music to improve physical, emotional, and mental functioning. Living Spirit Therapy Services, LLC strives to build stronger communities by increasing independence, improving quality of life, providing support, and expanding resources of their members. Group and individual music therapy services, their Empowering Wellness Initiative, early childhood music classes, and their Gather and Grow lecture series are among ways they strive to meet this vision. For more information visit or contact Melissa at or 651-363-3936.