Native Roots Radio Presents: I’m Awake – March 23, 2022

Today’s hosts are Robert and Wendy Pilot. Gina Peltier has today’s news. She talks about how a federal court has revived part of a lawsuit filed by an Arizona man of Navajo heritage who alleges North Dakota law officers seriously injured him and violated his civil rights during protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline five years ago (from the Bismark Tribune). Our guest for the second half of the show is Bob Blake, with the Solar Bear bringing the solar news. He talks about the department of Energy awarding $9 million to tribal nations in support of building solar power and the SEC proposing a new rule that would compel companies to disclose how climate risks affect their business, outline their own greenhouse gas emissions and report on climate-related targets and goals. In our sacred animals segment Wendy discusses how in South Dakota, a tribal nation owns the largest native-managed buffalo herd in the world according to the Daily Yonder.