Native Roots Radio Presents I’m Awake – June 30, 2021

Hosts today are Robert Pilot, Wendy Pilot, Ogimaa Giniw Ikwe and Louis Eagle Thunder. Ogimaa has our news from Turtle Island talking about protests against Enbridge’s Line 5 in Michigan, how Enbridge is continuing Line 3 construction despite not having a tribal monitor which they are supposed to have present at construction and more. We’re joined by Nathan Wright of Mackinaw Ode to talk about stopping Line 5 in Michigan. We’re also joined by Bob Blake who has the Solar News from Solar Bear talking about how indigenous casinos are switching to renewable energy, the heat wave in the western United States, climate change still persisting despite the pandemic leading to reduced transportation uses and more. In Wendy’s sacred animals segment she highlights how live trapping of animals and then freeing them is actually not beneficial. And she talks about some better ways you can humanely remove animals from your home and/or property.