Native Roots Radio Presents I’m Awake – July 28, 2021

Today’s hosts are Robert Pilot, Wendy Pilot, Ogimaa Giniw Ikwe and Louis Eagle Thunder. In our Native News segment Ogimaa talks about Enbridge receiving a cease and desist order from the White Earth Nation so they can hold prayer ceremonies for the water. Unfortunately Enbridge has ignored the order. Also a group of MN legislatures have sent a letter to MPCA commissioner Peter Tester expressing concern about Enbrideg fracking several bodies of water, including the Mississippi River. In segment 2 Louise talks about the repatriation of the remains Native children who were abducted and brought to boarding schools. Then Bob Blake has the Solar News from Solar Bear talking about how the solarization of Americans could save over $70 billion in energy savings over the next five years. In Wendy’s sacred animals segment she highlights black bears being the only bear species in Minnesota and how they can lose their fear of humans, why hunting bears doesn’t resolve human-bear conflicts and more.