Native Roots Radio Presents I’m Awake – July 20, 2021

Today’s hosts are Robert Pilot, Wendy Pilot, Ogimaa Giniw Ikwe and Louis Eagle Thunder. Louise talks with Robert and Wendy about how when indigenous people become politically active they often get targeted by those in power. Ogimaa talks about the lack of monitoring of Enbridge by Minnesota regulators and largely letting them use the honor system. She also talks about a press conference from earlier today at the Mississippi headwaters from Indigenous leaders, scientific and healthcare workers, and public officials to highlight environmental impacts of Line 3 pipeline construction. And we unfortunately might have another frac-out on the Mississippi River headwaters in northern Minnesota. In Wendy’s sacred animals segment we talk about the rounding up wild horses. SHe also talks about conditions puppies and kittens face when bred at puppy and kitten mills.