Native Roots Radio Presents I’m Awake – July 19, 2021

Today’s hosts are Robert Pilot, Wendy Pilot, Ogimaa Giniw Ikwe and Louis Eagle Thunder. Ogimaa starts the show with our news which includes an update on Enbridge possibly drilling near the Mississippi River headwaters, water protectors seeking a restraining order against the Hubbard County Sheriff’s office for blockading private property of water protectors, the Madison, WI city council affirming tribal rights and treaties plus more news. In segment 2 Louis Eagle Thunder talks about the 1855 Treaty of the Chippewa which was reaffirmed in 1996 and how it is not being honored by the state and Enbridge. He also talks about a group of Native Americans returning to a residential boarding school to bring back the remains of Native children that were kidnapped and held at the schools. In segments 3 and 4 we’re joined by Dr. Anthony Stately. He discusses how originally most health experts thought we’d be lucky to get vaccines 50-60% effective instead of the current 95-99%. He also shares updates on NACC (Native American Community Clinic).