Native Roots Radio I’m Awake – June 23, 2021

Robert Pilot and Wendy Pilot host today’s show. Ogimaa starts our News from Turtle Island segment with updates on Stop Line 3, including how Enbridge is reimbursing local police departments for anti-protestor gear and equipment, Enbridge applying for a variance in its water usage, upping its need from roughly 500M gallons to 4.98B and more. In Wendy’s sacred animals segment we highlight how early in the pandemic there was a huge amount of growth in people buying dogs and cats. Unfortunately many are now being returned. We’re also joined by Kevin Abourezk, managing editor of In our last segment we’re joined by Louis Eagle Thunder, the Lakota Tik Tok guy, as we highlight the need for clean water and how corporations n the US and around the world are contaminating and privatizing water.