Mission Accomplishers – March 30, 2019

Erik, sot of citrus, holds court. Has your drinking impacted your social life? Fish fries and Babel, pride and gluttony, gall and provoking god? White Castle Breakfast. Hunter betrays socialism for pop and the novelty techno of a masquerade bird-monger. Are shameful appetites compatible with a a society working to eradicate exploitation? Should someone use fast food logos and soviet iconography to make a cool ‘coexist’ bumper sticker? Crypto, busting or busted? Daydreams of important bullying at the upcoming MN Libertarian Party convention. #LikeABoss the criminalization of the 10 minute toilet-vacations. Zuckerberg does the bare minimum to preserve his undeserved dominion over wine moms and bacon dads. April 1st is gaslight day. Erik will take sponsorships from any members of the Iranian parliament. Joe Rogan, I think. Hunter thinks the letters in radio station names are interesting. K&W are said, it has something to do with rivers, ergo we win. Cascadia is dumb and Puerto Rico does what it does every couple years. The Fellas explain how they’d drink way more poison than Obama and modern Michael Moore movies are equal parts forgettable and disposable. Trump is 100X worse than Bush, who actually seems like a really nice guy who got treated unfairly(April fools, throw him in a volcano).