Minnesota Progressive Repartee – April 25, 2019

Brett Johnson and Hunter Hawes host the Repartee. We talk about:

Whether Joe Biden is the right candidate for Dems in 2020. Is “electability” more important than having good policy?

Brett elaborates on how the more charismatic presidential candidate has won every election since 1976.

#MNLeg update: Rep. Mike Nelson (40A) about how over 6 million dollars of election security money is being held up in the GOP controlled Senate. And Rep. Tim Mahoney (67A) on how the house is working to make MN carbon free by 2050.

We always give Republicans a hard time about preemption bills, but is it right when Democrats do it? Illinois Democrats think so…

The tax filing lobby leads a bi-partisan effort to prevent tax filing from being easier (and cheaper).