Local Minnesota Radio Hour – September 13, 2018

Doug speaks with Robert Pilot of Native Roots Radio Presents: I’m Awake (Saturdays at 2pm on AM 950) about the homeless encampment in Minneapolis. By the end of September, Minneapolis officials want to clear the large homeless encampment just north of East Phillips Park at Hiawatha and Cedar Avenues and start the process of connecting the residents there with housing and other services. But as the row of tents grows daily — becoming what is believed to be among the largest such sites ever in Minnesota. Natives are the primary group effected by this situation. Robert talks about how you can help the people at the encampment and how Natives Against Heroin is very active helping those who need help.

Steve Morse Executive Direct of Minnesota Environmental Partnership joins to talk about the consequences of PolyMet and express the importance of the EPA in protecting the Boundary Waters from PolyMet.