Living Healthy and Aging Well – March 11, 2023

Joshua Somers, owner of the personal training company Nurture Your Potential LLC joins host Ken Haglind on “Living Healthy and Aging Well” radio show to share how neurological concepts, physical training exercises and technology help with pain, posture and performance. The nervous system controls all other systems in the body and when we make changes there, profound changes can take place. Nurture Your Potential offers therapy, training, teaches skills and offers resources to help people have better quality of life outcomes. Nurture Your Potential works one on one with individuals, as well as supporting organizations.  Nurture Your Potential can consult with individuals and companies on how to have faster, timely, efficient and overall stronger outcomes. The majority of the sessions and training are based around using a piece of technology called the NXPro from NeuX Technologies that uses electric current to speak with the brain and body.  This piece of equipment supports and creates change in ways traditional therapies cannot. For more information email or call directly at 952-232-4435