Living Healthy and Aging Well – September 30, 2023

In this episode of “Living Healthy and Aging Well,” join host Ken Haglind in an enlightening conversation with Lisa Lane, Chief External Affairs Officer of Open Arms of Minnesota, as they discuss the impact of the Minnesota-based nonprofit on our communities. Discover how Open Arms is a beacon of hope and compassion, providing vital nourishment through medically tailored meals to individuals facing life-threatening illnesses and critical health issues, all at no cost to the client. Unveil the heart behind their mission as Lisa explains their embrace of “food as medicine,” how they craft medically tailored menus to meet the needs of over 2,000 weekly clients, and how a community of passionate volunteers ensures the preparation, packaging, and delivery of these life-changing meals. For more about Open Arms of Minnesota, visit and tune in to learn more about the power of a nutritious meal.