Living Healthy and Aging Well October 3 2020

We have two guests joining us today to talk about a disease which affects about 40 million Americans. That disease is migraine, which is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Today, we hope to dispel misinformation about migraine and provide information to help those who have it.

Our guests include a practicing headache specialist, Dr. Eric Eross. Dr. Eross is director at the Phoenix Headache Institute, as well as a clinical professor at Midwestern University, and clinical faculty at the Honor Healthcare Family Practice Residency Program in Phoenix.  Jake Wakem, who is from St. Paul, is here to tell us about his migraine journey and his experience in a clinical trial, which recently resulted in the FDA approval of an acute treatment for migraine in adults called Nurtec ODT. For our listeners who want more information on Nurtec ODT, please visit

Nurtec™ ODT orally disintegrating tablets is a prescription medicine for the acute treatment of migraine in adults. Nurtec ODT is not used as a preventive treatment of migraine. Do not take if you are allergic to Nurtec ODT or any of its ingredients. The most common side effect was nausea in 2% of patients. Please visit for full Prescribing Information and Patient Information.