Living Healthy And Aging Well – October 2, 2021

Terry Eggan, Senior Real Estate Specialist ® and his wife, Nancy Vest, join Ken Haglind on “Living Healthy and Aging Well” radio show to talk about their unique perspective on 55+ transitioning or downsizing after Terry sold his parents’ house and helped them move in with him and Nancy. Unexpectedly, Terry’s parents’ health declined, and before too long, Terry found himself to be the primary caregiver for his parents for the next 16 years! This journey gave the couple first-hand experience with the maze of senior services available and created a passion in them to help other seniors and their families who want to transition or downsize. Come hear their story and learn things like:

  • If considering a move, what do you do first?
  • What living options are available to mature adults and what are the costs?
  • What improvements are needed to sell a home in today’s real estate market?
  • The truth about most of the “homely-home” or quick-cash buyers you see advertised on TV.
  • Are reverse mortgages really safe or just a scam, and who can apply?
  • Why working with a Senior Real Estate Specialist® important? Contact Terry at 612-386-9309, or Visit