Living Healthy and Aging Well – May 30, 2020

Ron McGlennen M.D., President, Medical Director and founder of Access Genetics and OralDNA Labs along with Diane Larson RDH, Clinical Specialist with OralDNA Labs discuss the benefits of using personalized diagnostics from your DNA to benefit your overall health and how their tests can identify and help address the three major dental diseases: periodontal, cavities, and oral cancer. OralDNA® Labs offers non-invasive salivary diagnostic testing, all of which are quickly and easily administered chairside or from a patient’s home under the guidance of a health care provider. With over 30 years’ experience in salivary diagnostics, their test results and teams of highly trained healthcare experts are guides to patient care. With the emerging oral/systemic connections, oral diseases have been considered the missing link to achieve overall health. Through our testing services such as MyPerioPath, OraRisk HPV, OraRisk COVID 19 PCR, and others, most of the guess work has been removed. “Test, Don’t Guess!” for a higher quality of health care.